Spotlight on Ohio Research & Innovation News

Scientists have unraveled the step-by-step activation process of a protein with a deep evolutionary history in all domains of life, opening the door to harnessing its functions for use as a biotechnology tool.

University of Cincinnati biomedical engineering Professor Eric Nauman talks about concussion risks in NFL.

The Hearing Research Focus Area at NEOMED explores how the ear and the brain function in association with hearing and communication across the lifespan, how they are affected by hearing disorders, and how they may be manipulated to prevent or treat these disorders.

Scientists at the University of Dayton Research Institute are learning how to destroy PFAS — marking a significant step in the quest to remediate the toxic, long-lasting chemicals that have become a pervasive problem affecting humans and the environment.

David Lamp has been doing archaeology for 15 years since graduating from Ohio University, helping government and private agencies preserve archaeological and historical cultural resources.

Following decades of criticism for “cherry-picking” the healthiest patients, Medicare managed care plans now appear to be holding onto sicker patients with more complex health needs, new research has found.

University of Cincinnati is among 15 institutions preparing workers for new tech jobs.

Case Western Reserve University is launching a new program to capitalize on commercializing innovations arising from the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine. 

Four Case Western Reserve University alumni upended an antiquated, tedious staple of commerce—and even added some pizazz.