Spotlight on Events

1:00 PM

Join us as researchers highlight impactful innovations, novel interventions and new startup companies generated from the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Tune in for a panel discussion with industry experts discussing emerging trends and opportunities in pediatric med device development.

Event Times 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. 
There will be a networking reception from 4 to 5 p.m.

To be held at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Conference Center
520 Butterfly Gardens Drive
Columbus, Ohio, 43215

Office of Technology Commercialization 
(614) 355-1850


12:00 PM

Discover how to access your OIEx profile and learn how to increase the impact of your research, build your network, and become more discoverable. The Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx) provides a multi-university research networking and expertise system. Leverage this collection of searchable and interactive online expert profiles from more than 11,000 faculty from ten plus Ohio universities. Learn how to search for collaborators; discover how to increase the impact of your research; and understand how to build a profile with the potential to build industry partnerships.

Target audience includes tenure, research, and clinical track STEMM faculty and research scientists. 


Review a step-by-step guide for editing key components of your OIEx profile, e.g., photo, bio/overview, fields of research, weblinks, etc.

Claim your researcher IDs and auto-curate publications and grants, e.g., Dimensions, ORCID, SCOPUS, Clarivate, etc.

Update your settings to your source-specific, name-based search terms to auto-curate publications based on research database aggregators, e.g., Dimensions, PubMed, arXiv, etc.

7:30 AM
Ohio Safety Congress & Expo 2024

Join the Workforce Safety Innovation Center® (WSIC) at the 2024 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo® (OSC24®) as they showcase the groundbreaking initiatives and cutting-edge solutions their grant recipients and industry partners are working on.

WSIC sessions include:

  • Zero-power wearable toxic gas and vapor sensors
  • CNT Hybrid Active Textile for firefighter PPE
  • Exposure-protection integrated communicator (EPIC)

WSIC invests funds by awarding grants for the research and development of new, innovative personal protective equipment (PPE) & personal protective technologies and products that will reduce the frequency and severity of on-the-job injuries. Don’t miss this first look at these prototypes that will change the landscape of PPE.

Join us at OSC24® and discover how WSIC is leading the way in shaping the future of workplace safety. 

1:00 PM

What are semiconductors? They are the brains that enable the apps, gadgets, and miracles of tomorrow. Learn about an industry that powers the modern world and how it will impact Ohio. Come and learn how microelectronics enable a smart future that is radically changing everyday life — from communicating on the go and commuting to work, to “printing” a hearty breakfast and conducting holographic heart surgery. Even how we study the solar eclipse! ​The semiconductor industry is coming to Ohio….​and find out why Ohio continues to flip for chips! 

Register today to jump start your career to the future! All Majors Are Welcome: Students with a background in Engineering, Business (Statistics, Analytics), Computer Science, Chemistry, Data Science, Materials Science, Mathematics, and Physics are strongly encouraged to attend.

Want to learn more about internships and careers at companies presenting at Semiconductor Day? Click here.

The Ohio State University
The Ohio Union - Archie Griffin Ballroom
1739 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43210