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March 2021

OIEx Presents

Expert Finders Forum, March 4, 18

Our own Jeff Agnoli presented a session about the success of OIEx at the Expert Finders System (EFS) Forum on March 4! His talk was called, “Building and Leveraging Partnerships: How to Advance EFS from the Middle.” To listen to his presentation, access this website, choose March 4 and select the link for the morning session recording: Jeff speaks at 53 minutes.

Jeff will also participate in a panel discussion on Thursday, March 18 from 11-11:50am, entitled “Building University/Industry Collaboration through the Use of Statewide Expert Finder Systems: Revisited.” This session provides an update on an earlier study by Dr. Iryna Lendel of OIEx partner Cleveland State University, titled "Best Practices of Creating Innovation Exchange Web Portals across the States." Participants will share progress made and lessons learned.

Register for the March 18 session.

OhioX/OIEx Talk, March 26

Register now for the first of a series of conversations hosted by OhioX and sponsored by the Ohio Innovation Exchange, on Friday, March 26 from 2-3pm. This session is titled, “The Potential, Power and Payoff of University-Business Collaborations across Ohio.” Guest speakers include:

  • Charles See
    Vice Chancellor for External Relations and Education Technology
    Sponsor of the Ohio Innovation Exchange
    Ohio Department of Higher Education
  • Dr. Joseph Shields
    Vice President for Research and Creative Activity
    Dean of the Graduate School
    Professor of Physics and Astronomy
    Ohio University
  • Dr. Vicki Wysocki
    Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Director, Campus Chemical Instrumentation Center
    The Ohio State University

These three leaders will share how the State of Ohio encourages university-business partnerships, how Ohio universities drive and support these collaborations, and how businesses can leverage the powerful OIEx platform.

Register here for the event!

Library Engagement

The Library Engagement, Advocacy & Planning Taskforce (LEAP) has formed, led by Jessica McIntosh, and will begin their work on building engagement in participating universities. Currently in the discovery phase, this group of library experts will devise strategic goals, create teaching and advocacy resources, assess institutional outcomes, and provide recommendations for future initiatives.

Welcome and thank you to our taskforce members:

February 2021

Social Media

The Ohio Innovation Exchange serves as a clearinghouse for research and innovation news from our six partner universities. To find out more, check out Research and Innovation News and follow us on social media!

Library Engagement

The Ohio Innovation Exchange team is beginning to form the Library Engagement, Advocacy & Planning Taskforce (LEAP), a new initiative to help inform and engage with librarians at participating OIEx universities. The LEAP will focus on helping develop and pilot a strategy for exploring how our partner academic libraries might help us grow campus awareness, institutional adoption and support for OIEx.

December 2020

We’ve relaunched our site! After seeking input from our university and industry users, we’ve developed an exciting new user experience with rich new features and functionality. Try us out and let us know what you think.

OIEx 2 includes: