OIEx Rapid Response

About the Rapid Response Team

The Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Ohio Innovation Exchange’s partner institutions have brought together an active network of liaisons to support the connection between industry and universities. This dedicated OIEx Rapid Response Team is available to answer questions and connect industry requests to the appropriate resources. The team is working behind the scenes to coordinate requests and communicate needs regarding faculty experts, labs, and equipment to make sure that the best solutions are available.

To get in touch, click the “Contact Us” button found on any OIEx page. Complete and submit the relevant information, and a member of the OIEx Rapid Response team will be in touch quickly to facilitate connections with the appropriate researchers or resources.

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How it Works

Colleges and Universities

Ohio's universities have thousands of experts and resources to benefit industries of all types, but these are often difficult to locate. OIEx consolidates information from university researchers and laboratories into a searchable, easy-to-use portal to quickly connect industry and university experts.

Business and Industry

Industry leaders have breakthrough ideas, but could use academic experts and resources to push them to fruition. OIEx provides access to more than 8,250 faculty and 200 resources from campuses and laboratories across the state, putting those connections at your fingertips through a powerful, easy-to-use web portal.

OIEx Rapid Response Team

Click the "Contact Us" button found throughout the OIEx website to complete and submit your industry request and relevant information. The OIEx Rapid Response Team, made up of industry engagement experts from each university, will quickly be in touch to facilitate the best collaboration possible for your needs.