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Ohio Innovation Exchange – At A Glance

Some of the information from your Ohio State Vita profile transfers to OIEx in near real time. We invite you to review/update your Vita profile photo, overview/bio, social media sites, and claimed publications according to the instructions below. (Please note: some of this information may have been preloaded from your participation in the promotion and tenure process or prior system conversions, e.g., OSUPro or Research In View.)

Quick Resource Guide

Please update the following information in Elements:

  1. Access your Vita profile: login to with your OSU name.# and password.

  2. Select Curate Elements Data.

  3. Select Edit Your Profile.

  4. Select Manage Photo > Browse/upload your photo.

  5. In the Overview section select the pencil icon, Click to edit. This is a new field in Elements; please review/revise/post your overview. Be sure to highlight your experience:

    • Include your domains of expertise.

    • Share examples of how you have collaborated with industry/community partners on a project.

    • Identify industries or market sectors in which you have interest or have experienced success.

    • Explain why you enjoy, or would enjoy, collaborating in a partnership with industry. View an example overview.

  6. Under Web addresses and social media select Add a web address. In the Type field select Twitter or LinkedIn and add your URL. (At this time, only these two URLs display in OIEx.)

  7. Publications: The Vita system transfers publications from journals in the Claimed Publications area to OIEx.


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